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Chicago Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair for Chicago, Illinois Performed with Decades of Experience

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"Very professional and fast. They completed a convenient assessment and gave us an estimate for a foundation crack we needed to have fixed. Scheduled us for a repair the same week! Highly recommend their crew."
fixing foundations is what we do best!

Our Foundation Company is the Choice That Makes Sense

Necessary Services

Strategic Chicago foundation repair plans for residential and commercial properties
Professional basement repair and waterproofing services
Concrete slab and pier & beam foundation restoration for affordable rates

But Wait! There's More...

Installation of French drain systems, sump pumps, and dehumidifiers
Comprehensive solutions for crawl space repair and waterproofing
FREE inspections that lead our contractors to the cause of foundation cracks & leaks

Benefits of Choosing Us

Offering fair and affordable prices, which include no-cost inspections & estimates
A fully licensed and insured business that takes extra precaution to maintain safety
Locally-owned and operated business that values integrity and customer satisfaction

Chicago's #1 Foundation Repair Company

When it comes to foundation repair in Chicago, our foundation repair company is the golden ticket. We excel in all areas of concrete slab and pier & beam foundation restoration, basement waterproofing, house leveling, and much more. Our top priority is achieving 100% customer satisfaction. We've been in the foundation industry since 1997 and have no plans to slow down.

It can be overwhelming to discover that you have a foundation crack or leak, which is why our contractors do everything they can to remedy the problem quickly. They use industry-leading tools, equipment, and methods to ensure the damages are fixed right the first time. Then, through meticulous inspection, our team will pinpoint and eradicate the problem.

Don't deal with foundation problems alone! We're here to assist you 24 hours a day when you have a foundation-related emergency. Please call or email us at your earliest convenience.

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Industry-Leading Chicago-Based Home Foundation Repair

Chicago Foundation Restoration Experts is a top-rated company devoted to the safety and preservation of commercial and residential properties. We tackle the jobs that others won't touch.

Foundation Repair

We specialize in concrete slab and pier & beam foundation repair services for residential and commercial customers. From cracks to leaks and everything in the middle, we get it done right the first time!


Waterproofing in Chicago can be a preventative measure or a response to fixing an existing problem. By repairing cracks, we can stop leaks. Other methods include French drain and sump pump installation services.

Basement Repair

Sometimes, basements become soggy and require immediate repair. Typically, basement issues are due to foundation cracks that have led to leaks. We use polyurethane foam injection to instantly fix the problem.

Residential Services

Our company offers targeted house foundation repair services for residential properties, including house leveling, basement waterproofing, crack and leak repair, and crawl space care. Let us know what you need at your home!

Commercial Services

Just like homes, commercial properties require professional foundation repair and restoration. Our structural engineers provide stellar slab jacking, crack repair, and no-cost commercial foundation repair assessment for business owners.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Foundation Repair in Chicago, IL

Are you new to the world of foundation repair and restoration? Perhaps, you have questions that need to be answered? Our FAQ section is designed to shed some light on the foundation repair industry. Check out our blog for more information.

What is the best way to repair a foundation?

That truly is a personalized question as not all foundations are damaged equally, nor are they created alike. The most common type of repair that we apply is crack and leak mending using polyurethane foam injection.

Is DIY foundation repair advisable?

Unless you hold a structural engineer or contractor's license, we encourage all home and commercial property owners to seek professional foundation repair services.

Can a house collapse from foundation damages?

Yes, it can. However, it takes years for a foundation to deteriorate so badly that a home would cave in. It's always best to get home foundation repairs immediately so that other structural damages do not manifest.

Explore Our Chicago Foundation Repair Solutions

As professional foundation repair specialists, we want our customers to have the best foundation services they need. So you can count on us to have a customized plan for your foundation, no matter how extreme the damages are.

FREE Foundation Inspections for Chicago Homes & Business Properties

The best way to ensure the longevity of your foundation is by having a professional foundation inspection performed by a seasoned structural engineer. Our company has the best assessment protocol in the local area, and it is completely FREE of charge.

We'll come to your residential or commercial property and check over the exterior and interior workings of your foundation as well as the basement or crawl space, surrounding landscape, and the irrigation system. You'll be given a detailed report once our evaluation concludes.
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foundation inspection chicago
foundation crack repair chicago

Chicago's Finest Foundation Crack Repair Company

Are you looking for expert foundation crack repair in Chicago, IL? Then, we're the crew to call! Our team specializes in all types of crack restoration services, including polyurethane foam injection, slab jacking, and house leveling.

The sooner you address the cracks in your concrete slab foundation, the better. Sometimes, cracking is a sign that a more significant problem is lurking beneath the surface. We're here to find the issue and fix it for good.

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Expert House Leveling is Only a Phone Call Away

Does it seem like your home isn't sitting as level as it used to? Perhaps, you have bowing walls, sloping floors, and windows & doors that are not operating correctly. The cause of these disturbances is almost always due to a sinking foundation.

When soil erosion happens, it causes the concrete foundation to shift and sink in spots. The best course of action is to apply professional house leveling services before the problem worsens. Our company offers the perfect solution for shifting homes.
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house leveling chicago
basement foundation repair chicago

Top-Rated Basement Foundation Repair

We often run into homeowners who are experiencing terrible issues with their concrete slab basement foundations. The problems range from a flooding basement to significant cracking on the floors and walls. There's always an underlying cause for those types of damages.

First, we'll thoroughly inspect the basement and foundation to find the root cause of the problem. Then, we'll put together a rock-solid repair plan that ensures a reoccurrence does not happen. We offer numerous methods for basement foundation repair in Chicago.

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Rock-Solid Slab Foundation Repair for Chicago Residents

When it comes to slab foundation repair in Chicago, IL, you can count on us to have what it takes to tackle even the toughest slab foundation damages. We use high-quality materials to remedy the problem, such as sealants and masonry patches for cracked concrete. Our goal it to make your foundation safe and usable.

Depending on what we find during your initial consultation and inspection, our team will piece together a customized service plan for your property. Sometimes, slab jacking is the way to go because it is affordable, retains concrete color, and produces less of a mess than replacement services.

*Slab jacking foundation services available, weather permitting.
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slab foundation repair chicago
pier and beam foundation repair chicago

Brilliant Chicago Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Just like concrete foundation repair in Chicago, pier & beam foundations require professional services. When you have a pier & beam foundation, you also have a crawl space. The crawl space is an excellent place for storing items such as lawn care materials.

When the foundation is compromised, so is the crawl space rendering it useless. Therefore, we offer helical and steel beam placement to add extra support to the foundation, crawl space encapsulation and waterproofing, and vapor barrier installation.

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Are We In Your Illinois Neck of the Woods?

Chicago Foundation Restoration Experts is happy to announce the expansion of its service areas. We're in a neighborhood near you! Call us today to schedule an appointment for prompt foundation repair services. You can reach us by phone, email, or our handy contact form.

Des Plaines
Oak Park
Oak Lawn
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We're Chicago's Foundation Fixer Upper!

When your foundation has seen better days give our company a call. We're here to affordably repair and restore all types of foundation models, guaranteed. Call today! (872) 206-9800
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